Volunteer Opportunities

Without volunteers, the Philadelphia Federal Credit Union Kensington Derby & Arts Festival would not be possible, so we need YOU!  There are MANY opportunities to contribute to the Festival, which are outlined below. If interested in being a part of this amazing cause and event, register to volunteer today!

Pre-Festival Logistics

We realize that some folks want to volunteer, but unfortunately, are unable to help out on the day of the event. To that point though, there are still MANY opportunities to help prepare for the Festival in the week or two leading up to the big day! Example assignments fore pre-Festical logistics include, but are not limited to: flyering, event promotion, Festival area prep (e.g. supply organization, vendor space marking, pre-event clean-up).


This volunteer position is fairly self-explanatory, but nevertheless, we need early birds to help us get everything squared away before Trenton Ave is closed off to traffic by 11am! Example assignments for set-up include, but are not limited to: rental equipment and supply set-up, barricade placement, signage, last minute trash pick-up, and Festival vendor traffic flow control (see below).

Festival Vendor Traffic Flow Control

As a part of set-up, upwards of 200 vendors will be arriving around the same time to set up their vendor space. Specific instructions will be given to all vendors ahead of time, notifying them of their vendor space location, how to best enter/exit the Festival footprint given their location, etc. However, given the size of the Festival footprint and the sheer number of vendors, we need several points of contact to direct traffic into and out of the Festival and answer any common questions the vendors may have (e.g. “What’s the WiFi password?,” “Where are the restrooms?,” etc).

Ticket and Merchandise Sales

About 20% of the Festival’s budgeted revenue is projected to come from day of beer and merchandise sales. If you have great customer service skills and a natural ability to upsell, you would be perfect for this volunteer position!

Beer Pouring

As mentioned above, about 20% of the Festival’s budgeted revenue is projected to come from day of beer sales. If you are an expert at tapping kegs, pouring beer with minimal head, and quickly serving customers, you would be perfect for this volunteer position!

Derby Perimeter Patrol

Per our Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board permit, patrons are allowed to drink alcohol from open containers on the Festival footprint during the event. However, they are NOT allowed bring or to take their alcoholic beverages from or with them if they leave the Festival area. As Derby Perimeter Patrol, your job will be to man the Derby entrances/exits and make sure folks are not bringing booze into or out of the Festival area.

Zero Waste Ambassadors

Did you know that plastic actually contaminates a recycling stream and should actually be trashed? Or that meat food waste should not be composted? Don’t worry, as most people don’t, and that’s why we need Zero Waste Ambassadors.

For the second year in a row, the Philadelphia Federal Credit Union Kensington Derby & Arts Festival is striving to be a Zero Waste event to help meet the city of Philadelphia’s Clean PHL goal of being litter-free by 2035! To accomplish this goal, composting receptacles will be available in addition to trash and recycling bins. However, because most people do not compost, the Zero Waste Ambassadors will help educate Festival patrons on how to properly divert their waste.

Derby Obstacle Coordinator

This year, the Derby route has not just a few, but SEVERAL Derby obstacles to challenge all the teams! As a Derby Obstacle Coordinator, your job will be to lead and help with executing one of the obstacles on the Derby route (e.g. crowd recruitment, set-up, hyping up the crowd and cheering on teams, clean-up, etc). Paparazzi (i.e. picture-taking) skills are also strongly encouraged for this volunteer position.

Derby Escort

“No man left behind” is the unofficial motto of the Derby Escort Crew! Your job will be to help the Derby teams get set up and proceed along the parade route safely and efficiently. This includes making sure the Derby teams stay at a steady pace, are evenly spaced (no “bunching” or stragglers), stay within the appropriate lanes of traffic, and flow in the direction of traffic. You will also assist with helping the Derby teams safely breakdown their structures.

*You will need to bring your own bike and helmet.

Breakdown and Clean-Up

This volunteer position is fairly self-explanatory, but a VERY important one nevertheless, as Trenton Ave has to be re-opened to traffic by 8pm! This is typically one of the most difficult volunteer positions to fill, but if you’re up for the challenge to help in this position, you will be handsomely rewarded!