Kids Zone Activities

Pop Up Play Mini-Derby Build

Trenton and Dauphin

From 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. bring your kiddos over to the derby start & finish line, outside of PFCU. They’ll be able to craft their own derby sculpture through up-cycled cardboard, get their face painted to tie in the sculpture theme, and even win an award!

Pop up play STEAM Bingo

The derby is all about kinetic thrills, stored energy creations, and artistic expression. Get in on the action with Science Technology Engineering Art & Math (STEAM) Bingo. Learn about these cool elements that go into making the festival great. Make sure to check off all the items to get BINGO. When you do, you’ll win some fun prizes!

Kid’s Science Korner

In front of JA Cunningham at Trenton and Dreer

Stop by at any point throughout the day, outside of JA Cunningham, for the Kid’s Science Korner. Check out some cool exhibits from the Franklin Institute, the Philadelphia Science Festival, Mutter’s Museum, a JA Cunningham welding demo, and more!

Kid’s Music & Play Zone

Frankford and Susquehanna

Make sure to stop by the all-day Kid’s Music & Play Zone on Frankford and Susquehanna. There will be activities like soccer, tag, drumming, and tons of overall fun! For your convenience, a stroller valet will be available.