Derby Rules and Expectations

All Derby teams must abide by the following rules. Otherwise, the team will not be allowed to participate in and will be disqualified from the competition. Please contact the Event Coordinator if you have any questions.

All teams and Sculptures must adhere to the following Safety guidelines:

  • All sculptures must be able to brake quickly and safely.

  • All Sculptures must not pose any direct threat to anyone or anything around it (e.g. no open flame, no pointy appendages/edges, etc).

  • All pilots must be able to escape from the Sculpture quickly and safely, if necessary.

  • All participants must be sober while operating their Sculptor. (Don’t worry though! There will be plenty of time after the course is complete for revelry!)

  • All pilots must wear approved helmets. (Please bring your own though, as helmets will not be provided for your team.)

All Sculptures must have wheels or movable legs and be human-powered

  • No pushing, pulling, stored energy, motors, electricity (unless it’s human generated for spectacularness and stored and used at the event), etc.

  • Towing is only allowed IF the vehicle is pulling something sculpture related. 

You and your team must be able to keep up with a 3 mph minimum speed

  • Instructors will walk next to your sculpture, if you can’t keep up, you can’t participate.

  • Sculptures must stay on the course with the escorts.  Those that detour for any reason other than break down will be disqualified.

  • Finally, pilots that begin the event with a sculpture must stay with the sculpture.  No rotating!

All teams must Be prepared for obstacles

  • The course will traverse urban streets including inherent and man made obstacles, a hilly and/or sandy section, cobble stones, and a mud pit finish- No immersive water obstacles yet!

  • Be prepared for a variety of obstacles – could include foam, swinging obstacle courses, challenges for pilots to complete, or other new and creative ways to test your stamina and spirit.

All Sculptures must adhere to Size Limits

  • Sculptures must be no larger than 8' 6" (102”) wide, 12' high, and 18' long.

  • Sculptures must be able to be operated legally according to Pennsylvania motor vehicle code.